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Assorted Platters
  • Cheese & Fruit Platter
Cheese & Fruit Platter

A delicious arrangement of the finest imported cheeses garnished with fresh fruit. The assortment includes soft, semi-soft and hard cheeses. Comes with assorted breads and crackers.
10 people 75.00
20 people 145.00
Brie Encircled with Fresh Strawberries

A 3 kilo Brie displayed on a bed of greens with strawberries surrounding the wheel. Note: This concept can be achieved with any soft-ripened cheese subject to availability and any berry in season.
Prices furnished upon request
Platter of Pâté

An assortment of our finest pâtés including Pâté Campagne, Pâté de Campagne w/ Peppercorns, Pâté Maison Canard w/ Pistachio, & Vegetable Pâté. Comes garnished with mustards and cornichons.
10 people 75.00
20 people 145.00
30 people 215.00
50 people 325.00


Vegetable Platter

An abundance of fresh vegetables in season displayed on a platter accompanied by our own Todaro Bros. Delight – a rich cheese dip made from a secret blend of cheeses.
10-15 people 45.00
20-30 people 85.00
40-50 people 130.00
Assortment of Bread and Crackers

This delicious companion to the above platters includes such breads as Semolina, Brick-Oven Italian, Pumpernickel, Raisin, Whole Wheat, Italian, and assorted crackers.
20 people 30.00
30 people 45.00
50 people 65.00