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  • Assorted Desserts
Assorted Miniature Pastry Tray

Combination includes Fruit Tarts, Eclairs, Napoleans, Baba Rhum, and Cannolis.

20 people 80.00


Assorted French Large Pastry Tray

Assortment includes Baba Rhum, Eclairs, Opera Cake, Napoleans and Fruit Tarts.

10 people 50.00
20 people 90.00


Assorted Cookie Platter

Assortment includes our homemade chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chunk and a variety of Italian cookies.

10 people 40.00
20 people 75.00


Homemade Italian Bread Pudding

10 people 45.00


Rice Pudding

Our homemade recipe topped off with a touch of cinnamon powder.

10 people 45.00



Our traditional Italian dessert made with Savoiardi cookies, mascarpone cheese, eggs and coffee liqueur.

10 people 45.00


Fresh Fruit Sliced on a Platter

We use the freshest fruits in season to create a decorative and delicious platter.

10 people 55.00
15 people 75.00