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  • Tortellini
Penne Arugula Salad

Penne pasta with sautéed arugula and garlic in olive oil.
6-8 people 40.00


Tortellini Alla Bolognese or Pesto

Little twists stuffed with meat and served in either our own Bolognese meat sauce, or Pesto, the Genovese basil sauce.
6-8 people 45.00



Giant wide noodles layered with fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese and baked in tomato sauce.
Cheese Lasagna: 6-8 people 40.00
Meat Lasagna: 6-8 people 50.00
Vegetable Lasagna: 6-8 people 50.00


Tortellini Alla Panna con Funghi e Piselli

These large imported tortelloni are filled with cheese and served in a cream sauce with mushrooms and peas.
6-8 people 45.00


Conchiglie Imbottite

Jumbo shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and herbs and baked in tomato sauce.
6-8 people 40.00


Gnocchi al Pomodoro

Dumplings made of potato flour served in our own tomato sauce.
6-8 people 40.00


Zita al Forno

Large tubes of pasta baked with cheese and cooked in tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella.
6-8 people 40.00


Ravioli di Spinaci or Ravioli di Formaggio con Salsa di Pomodoro e Crema
Ravioli, stuffed with spinach or cheese served in a Florentine sauce, a tomato and cream sauce.
6-8 people 45.00


Homemade thin crepes stuffed with ricotta, baked in a casserole with tomato sauce, and seasoned with spices.
6-8 people 40.00